Congresswoman Carol Miller made stops in Mercer County today, including Concord

ATHENS, WV (WOAY)- “It’s just very important for me to see how we’re educating our adults because they are our next generation.”

Representative Carol Miller came to Mercer County and stopped by Concord University. She got to talk with teachers and admin about new programs and tour the campus.

“I wanted to see all the programs that they have and what they’re doing and the direction they’re going. And it’s very important for me as a congresswoman to know the people that I represent. And so this is a wonderful facility,” explained Rep. Miller. “I’ve heard all about their e-sports program there, What they’re doing with medical assistance, what they’re doing with nursing. I’ve gotten to see the labs, I’ve gotten to see the mannequins that they have that they’re teaching the young students. And so it’s it’s never long enough to be here, and I will come back.”

While Miller didn’t get a chance to engage with students, like she wanted to, it was still meaningful to her.

“The faculty is so engaged and they’re so proud of their school and what everyone is learning. I certified to teach a long, long time ago and it was good to feel through them the experience of being able to help people’s minds grow,” said Rep. Miller. “It’s if you’re a teacher, you understand that it’s important to teach people how to think, not what to think, and they’re spurring them. They’re teaching.”

During her tour, Concord showed Miller its Nursing and E-sports programs. After her stop, she went to Bluefield to talk with Jim Spencer and Bluefield EDA about economic updates in Bluefield.

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