Concord students learn from State Police CSI Unit

ATHENS, WV (WOAY) – Concord University students get a first-hand look at crime scene investigation.

The West Virginia State Police Mobile Crime Scene Unit stopped by the school and shared some information about what CSI is all about. 

David Castle, a state police crime scene coordinator who’s worked homicides and other intense crime scenes, gave the students a lecture on what being in this branch of law enforcement can really entail. 

“We’re sharing some knowledge with the students, the processes involved with crime scene investigation,” Castle. “Trying to introduce them to the basic activities that we do.” 

The students heard real stories about previous investigations and what the CSI team does to find out what happened. They even got a look at some special equipment they use. One piece of technology is called FARO. It can scan a room almost instantly and give investigators a 3D space to work with.

“We demonstrated a system called FARO. It’s a 3D laser crime scene mapping system. It’s a great tool. We showed them how to operate it and what it can produce.”

The students also managed to get a good look at a mobile unit, which carries all the crucial technology the state police uses to solve crimes. By doing this, the state police says the students get a better understanding of what they’re studying and what they can expect in the real world.

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