Coffee lovers everywhere celebrate National Cappuccino Day

BECKLEY, WV (WOAY) – November 8 is National Cappuccino Day, a time for coffee lovers everywhere to support their local coffee shops. 

One local coffee shop excited about the national day is The Chocolate Moose in Beckley. The coffee shop was established back in 2012 and has been a staple in the community ever since.

The owner Kevin Traube says it’s great having a chance to celebrate what they love to do. 

“It’s exciting to have something celebrated that you know is something that folks are so beloved about. You wonder sometimes who decides all these national days. You know there’s National Dill Pickle Day I’m sure, National Chicken Day. But it’s nice that something that you do gets noticed in some little way and folks have a chance to celebrate it a bit,” Traube said.

They have had multiple business ventures in the area since the 1980’s, with their most recent being a combination climbing gym, mini-golf course and cafe. Traube said it’s been quite the experience being a part of people’s lives in the area for so long. 

“Since we’ve been here, we’ve been a part of people’s lives. We see the children and the grandchildren of customers who come back over time. A lot of people travel through Beckley, so we have folks who will stop in and see us every year on the way through to their location. So it’s great to have a niche and fill that niche for folks.”

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