City Manager Recruitment Committee to use a recruitment agency to find candidates for Beckley’s First City Manager

BECKLEY, WV (WOAY)- The City Manager Recruitment Committee began weekly meetings to find Beckley’s first City Manager. The meeting, held on March 7, focused mostly on whether or not will utilize a recruitment firm to find candidates for the job. City Attorney Bill File explains what they are looking for in a candidate.

“We want somebody that’s experienced, somebody that has knowledge of government, someone that can work with others, they can work with department heads,” File said. “We get people asking for the position that have experience in writing grants or seeking grants and it’s a position that this person needs to be able to work with. The public needs work with other governmental agencies and needs to work with city council. That would be very important.”

A significant topic of discussion during the meeting was about how long this would take, since the ordinance goes into effect June 15. They would have to have someone in this position by that date, or the mayor would select an interim city manager to take over on July 1.

Many were concerned that they would not find qualified candidates in time. They even asked if the city council could amend the ordinance not to include the clause of having an interim city manager.

While that discussion was shelved for a later meeting, they did decide on the main topic and what they would present at the next city council meeting Tuesday, March 12.

“The request from the city manager recruitment committee for the city to advertise for the services of experienced job recruitment agency to recruit qualified candidates for the position of City Manager,” said File.

File believes that this move to a City Manager government will be what’s best for Beckley in the long run.

“To the best of my knowledge, most of the public is supportive of what we’re attempting to do. There have certainly been some individuals that questioned it. I think of period of time, even those individuals will see that this was the best, the best move for the city of Beckley, and I think time will tell,” said File. “But I’m very confident in this committee, in our city council, in what we’re attempting to do, we will get right individual who will make a difference for the city of Beckley long term.”

These meetings are open to the public to observe and will be every Thursday at 3:30.

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