Capito further discusses potential VA reconfigurations and Democrats’ Abortion bill in Thursday press conference

WEST VIRGINIA (WOAY) – Legislation that would have fortified the landmark 1973 Roe v. Wade case, the Democrat’s abortion bill was recently trying to get passed.

U.S Senator Shelley Moore Capito met with the press Thursday to discuss her concerns about the potential for such legislation and why she voted against its passage.

“It did things that went way beyond what Roe v. Wade would be,” Capito says. “The vote was not about putting Roe v. Wade into law, it was about a very expansive abortion at any time of the period of the pregnancy.”

After voting against the bill that later failed, Capito said lawmakers should wait to see what the Supreme Court does before making any more radical decisions on the issue.

Last week Capito also expressed her concerns about another potential bill that would cut funding and reconfigure VA hospitals across the state. She feels this would be another radical move that could negatively affect veterans, as many of them use the medical services VA hospitals provide.

During Thursday’s meeting, she talked about her efforts to stop such a bill.

“I’ve talked to many veterans about this, it was very distinct to me and very concerning,” she says. “I asked the VA secretary about this and told him that West Virginia veterans are satisfied for the most part with their VA healthcare, they like going to the VA.”

Capito joined on a bill with Senator Heinrich from New Mexico that invalidates the VA’s reconfigurations.

If the VA reconfigurations happen, veterans would be sent to regular hospitals, a decision that Capito said hasn’t even been looked at as to whether the hospitals could accommodate the influx of veterans.

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