Brian’s Safehouse gears up for Annual Spring Banquet/Fundraiser ‘Changing Hearts, Changing Lives’

According to the DEA… heroin, fentanyl and methamphetamine pose the greatest threats to West Virginia. The Mountain State leads the nation in opioid overdose deaths.

One local organization is doing everything they can to change that.

Brian’s Safehouse is kicking off its annual spring banquet and fundraiser on April 20, 2024. According to co-founder Leon Brush, two kinds of people attend; those who have been influenced by addiction and found a way out of it, as well as the primary thrust of the banquet — the sponsors.

“So we can receive funds from the community and sponsors that care about the ministry of trying to save lives from hopelessness that they have experienced,” Brush said.

An event like this is very important for exposure to the community and to keep it top-of-mind awareness.

“Because so many times if our lives are comfortable and we’re just going about our busyness we forget that there are suffering people that are struggling and they want help desperately, but don’t know how to get it,” said Brush. “And so the banquet is a vehicle for us to be able to get the message out that there is hope.”

The dire drug crisis in West Virginia has not subsided, and according to Leon, is actually getting worse. He says part of the issue is the great variety of drugs.

“There are so many more options than there were even just a few years back,” he said.

“It’s kind of hard to stay on top of all of that, medically speaking.”

Once someone gets hooked in the spiral of addiction…

“They lose their capacity to overcome it because it’s not a willpower situation, and then that multiples, as well” Brush said. “Chaos multiples chaos and we really have to work hard to get people who are lost in chaos to come back to a natural order that G-d has intended for our lives.”

Brian’s Safehouse Annual Banquet and Fundraiser
April 20, 2024
Doors open 5:30pm
Dinner at 6pm
Beckley-Raleigh County Convention Center

To purchase tickets, visit…

Or at the convention center business office M-F 8am-2pm.



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