Big 12 Conference gives update on policies regarding student-athletes

WOAY – The Big 12 Conference gave an update Monday on its policies regarding permissible activities for student-athletes in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. This is an adjustment from the original ruling that all games, practices, and meetings were suspended through May 31.

Their new policies, effective June 1, continue the guidelines that teams cannot have in-person required activities. However, voluntary on-campus activities will be permitted starting on certain dates, depending on the sport.

Football: June 15
Other Fall Sports: July 1
Basketball: July 6
All Other Sports: July 15

The conference says all required virtual activities would be limited to eight hours total per week, including film study. Virtual and in-person camps/clinics sponsored by schools are not allowed through August 31.

West Virginia football is scheduled to open the 2020 season September 5 against Florida State in Atlanta.

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