Biden administration has not kept promises ahead of State of the Union, Capito says

FILE - In this June 24, 2020 file photo, Sen. Shelley Moore Capito, R-W.Va., speaks during a Senate Commerce, Science, and Transportation committee hearing to examine the Federal Communications Commission on Capitol Hill in Washington. Capito has leaned hard on her record leading up to the Nov. 3 election as she tries to become the first West Virginia Republican reelected to the U.S. Senate in more than a century. (Jonathan Newton/The Washington Post via AP, Pool)

WASHINGTON, DC (WOAY) –  Vice Chairman of the Senate Republican Conference Shelley Moore Capito spoke on the floor of the Senate today, ahead of President Biden’s State of the Union address tonight.

She criticized the Biden administration’s record on economic, crime, foreign policy, and economic failures.

“I rise today in the hours before President Biden’s State of the Union address to discuss the reality of the past three years and the current circumstances of our nation,” Capito said. “Together, my colleagues and I are here to speak on behalf of the American people who have been forgotten and left behind by President Biden.”

Capito said that a major, ongoing issue in the United States is the economy. According to her, President Biden has not addressed issues like inflation and high taxes.

“Perhaps the most consistent issue that has defined President Biden’s tenure in the White House, and one that I hear about constantly back home, is the state of our economy and the persistence of sustained high-interest rates and inflation,” Capito said. “Make no mistake, this is the economy that President Biden campaigned on, and it’s the economy that his policies of reckless spending and high taxes were destined to create.”

Capito also criticized Biden for ongoing problems at the border, and increased crime in Washington, DC.

She said that Biden will only try to divide the country in his speech tonight.

“During the State of the Union address tonight, President Biden will draw a proverbial line in the sand and will ask the American public which side they are on,” Capito said. “I encourage my fellow Americans to not fall for this attempt to separate us or label us as enemies of one another. But rather, we should join together in realizing that it doesn’t have to be this way, and that the American people truly deserve better from their president.”

In a social media post in the lead-up to the State of the Union, Biden laid out his accomplishments in the past three years.

“My Administration has accomplished more over three years than most presidents have in eight – From investing in infrastructure and lowering health care costs to abolishing junk fees, making the wealthy pay their fair share, and fighting for women’s reproductive health care,” he said. “There is still so much to do before the job’s done. That includes lowering prescription drug prices for every American, getting student debt relief to hardworking borrowers, restoring a woman’s right to choose, and banning assault weapons and high-capacity magazines.”

Newswatch will keep you updated tonight on what the President says in his report to the American people.

View Capito’s full speech here:

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