Beckley Salvation Army on the move

The Bekley Salvation Army is always giving back and takes great pride in helping Southern West Virginia.

Moving to their new digs has been 15-plus years in the making. The community needs their services — from rental to utility assistance, and a new boys and girls club.

“For us, it’s really going from worst to first. This facility (312 S Fayette St) we can’t hold a lot of people, it’s really small — and moving to this bigger facility (2871 Robert C Byrd) we’ll be able to serve probably like 800 percent more,” said Captain Liz Blusiewicz. “We’re really, really excited and humbled that the community trusts us to be able to do this.”

The extent of the Salvation Army’s work is far-reaching.

“Been by their new place; it looks really nice. I hope when they get set up they can do a lot of good,” said longtime Beckley resident Roger Worley. “Most people don’t realize how much it means to them people — especially when I’ve been there.”

What the Salvation Army means to Southern West Virginia is that the Army will always be there.

“Whether it’s flooding, emergency assistance, Christmas assistance, this after-school program,” Captain Liz said. “I think our community knows if I don’t have anywhere else to turn I can turn to the Salvation Army and there’s an army, literally, an army of people ready to help.”

Eighty-five years in this building; that’s a lot of history for the Salvation Army. It’s time for a new beginning and that means parting with the past. Check it out.

It’s a liquidation sale, everything must go.

“We’re selling the pews, chairs, office furniture, office supplies,” said Blusiewicz. “You name it we’re letting it go, ’cause we’re really starting over and we’re starting fresh.”

Captain Liz is looking forward to finding new volunteers willing to cook with the kids and tutor the kids, even run a bus route.

For information about the Boys and Girls Club, visit…

“We’re taking 50 kids to start; then we’re gonna have 100 kids this summer. We’re running a summer camp for nine weeks and it’s free,” Blusiewicz said. “So folks, come out, bring your kids to the new building. We’ll be in there hopefully in the next three weeks.”

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