Axe Hole held it’s 3rd annual Anti Valentine’s Day Party

BECKLEY, WV (WOAY)- Instead of getting your heart broken on Valentine’s Day…. You can break some hearts of your own.

The Axe Hole in Beckley held its third annual Anti Valentine’s Day party on Friday February 9th. It’s a special black light axe throwing event they hold with live music; and this year’s band was the Untrained Professionals. The manager of the axe hole explains why they started this.

“You know, I feel like there’s a lot of places in Beckley that are doing Valentine’s Day specials and valentine’s day dinners for all the couples,” Lindsey Pratt, Manager of the Axe Hole. “But this event is for the people, you can make a date out of it, but it’s really for the people [that aren’t for valentine’s day], like the girls’ nights, the people that have had their heart broken that get the stress out of their bodies, you know, whatever it is for them that they’re not for valentine’s day. We wanted to provide an option for them to be able to come and throw. So, we do Anti Valentine’s Day.”

While the event is made for those who may not get a valentine, many couples also came for some fun and live music. Even though this year’s event has past, they do have regular business hours and the manger recommends axe throwing to everyone.

“It is one of those things that I tell everybody I tried it at least once and is a really good stress reliever. Like is you have stress in your body this is a great way to let it out,” said Pratt.

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