Anytime Fitness supports our community in need

Anytime Fitness is all about giving back to the community.

Their group trainer Annette volunteers at the Fayette County Emergency Food Assistance Service and shared that the organization was struggling for new food.

They knew they wanted to step up to do something.

“Important for us to help our community here at Anytime Fitness,” said club manager Joelene Rodgers. “We try to give outreach as much as possible to local restaurants, local vet’s offices, dentist’s office.”

Rodgers says it means so much to be part of an organization giving back this way and one of the reasons she started to work at Anytime Fitness.

“I just saw all the things they were doing between running the coat drive that they raised for Warm Hands, Warm Hearts (with Operation Warm), stuff like this with the canned food drive,” Rodgers said. “It’s just important that we keep our community happy and healthy and safe.”

Only bring in your unexpired and non-perishable food items.

“That way they can keep it for as long as they need and hopefully be able to use it in the long term, said the club manager. “We have mostly canned foods right now. There are some boxes of pasta and cornbread and things like that.”

You have until February 29 to donate. Anytime is open and staffed Monday through Thursday 10 am to 7pm and 10 to 5 on Fridays.

“They can come in through our guest door anytime they’re there — and if they want to just donate it we have boxes right up front by our chalkboard that they can put that in,” said Rodgers.

Joelene is incredibly supportive of the canned food drive.

“Don’t think that there’s much more that we could do better for our community besides raising food and the coat drive; they also did a shoe drive,” she said. “We try to help as much as possible.”

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