AI will influence West Virginia job market next year, researcher says

OAK HILL, WV (WOAY) – West Virginians could feel the impact of AI sooner rather than later.

According to AI and ChatGPT researcher Thomas Fellows, the West Virginia job market will start feeling the impact of AI in the job market as soon as next year.

“Things could get very interesting very quickly, but it’ll probably start happening starting late first quarter of 2024 and second quarter 2024 and onward,” Fellows said.

Fellows says that the solution to navigating the changing economy will be out-of-the-box thinking and emotional intelligence.

AI could potentially impact the coal industry, making the job safer for miners.

“It will make it safer just because you’re talking about having security data analytics, virtual training, and automation. You’re going to more accurately determine where the deposits are and so forth. And that’s going to optimize energy consumption as well, which is huge,” Fellows said. “Will it put people potentially out of work? Possibly.”


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