A new year brings resolutions but also deep reflection in uncertain times

FAYETTEVILLE, WV (WOAY) – It’s a new year, and while it’s normally a time where people like to focus on setting personal goals and making resolutions for self-improvement, the unpredictability in the world in the last two years may have people yearning for even bigger changes in 2022.

“We created this, I believe that we created this, so we can recreate whatever we want,” says Helene Nicole, a visitor at the Canyon Rim Visitor Center at the New River Gorge.

From the uncertainty around the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic to an unpredictable economy, climate, and world in 2021, it seems like people are looking deeper than the typical New Year’s resolutions than ever before, as the last couple of years have taken quite a toll on so many.

“There are so many things to worry about it just triggers your anxiety so bad, it’s almost too much to handle,” says Tommy Richard, another visitor at the New River Gorge Sunday. “Definitely climate change sucks, thinking about having children and what it’s going to be like for them, you know?”

While the world progresses onward into more uncertain times, there is hope for a better future in 2022, and despite the instability, some are still setting the traditional New Year’s resolutions and looking forward to those brighter days ahead.

“I just started high school so I would love to stop procrastinating less on my work, maybe try to find a balance between school and just my normal life,” visitor Katherine Zhang says.

According to one study, 86% of people are expecting 2022 to be the same if not better than last year. For those who are still making them, the most popular New Year’s resolutions continue to be that of self-improvement.

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