1,200 boxes of food given away during Hinton distribution

HINTON, WV (WOAY) – Hundreds of families stopped by Lifeline Church to grab some fresh food.

The venture is between the USDA and Save the Children, an international organization focused on helping families in need. According to Doris Selko, Executive Director of the Reach Family Resource Center, Save the Children reached out to them to set up the giveaway. 

“Different areas have different food banks, but this is a pretty big one for Hinton,” Selko said. “1,200 boxes and we’re really trying our best to make sure they get out of the truck and into the trunk.” 

There were 1,200 boxes of food at the giveaway for families in need. Most families leave with two or three, but some have left with as many as 12, to give to others in their communities.

The giveaway had roughly 60 people arrive within the first hour and had about two-dozen volunteers. Members of Lifeline Church offered to help, the City of Hinton was moving the boxes from the truck, and many others stuck around to lend a hand.

“I’m here to hand out food,” said Lynne Larson, a volunteer and Board Member with Reach. “I don’t even know how many boxes we’ve handed out already, but there’s people going all over town, passing out food to people who couldn’t come here.”

Included in each box is enough fresh food and non-perishables for more than a few meals. They have milk, cheese, meatballs, potatoes, apples and much more. They stay refrigerated in the truck before being lifted down and given away. 

“Even if you can get to the store, a lot of times the fresh produce is expensive. So it’s important that people still get that in their diet.”

The resource center isn’t sure when another opportunity like this one will arise, but they say they’re always excited to help the community.

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