The Youth Museum Allows Visitors To Travel Back In Time

The Youth Museum of West Virginia brings a new, educational exhibit to the building every year. From now until August 21st, we all get a chance to be clue-gathering archaeologists. The secrets of an ancient world await in the “Mystery of the Mayan Medallion” as visitors enter the ancient world of Palenque, Mexico, where the Maya prospered for thousands of years.

Leslie Baker, the Museum Director, told us, “Mostly, we really look for something that’s going to be really educational that will fit between the curriculum. Something that maybe our children locally really haven’t been exposed to.

This engaging exhibit transports its guests back in time to where an archaeological team has mysteriously disappeared from a dig site, while investigating rumors of a priceless jade medallion buried in the ruins.

Following the clues the team left behind to locate the valuable jewel, visitors will discover all the lessons from the ancient people.

“It’s just an immerse environment where kids can come and learn all about the Mayan culture,” Baker added.

This exhibit uses the mystery and intrigue of the Mayan empire to explore math, science and history, in a unique and interesting way, that is sure to capture the attention of all who visit.


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