Kids can fly in an airplane for free tomorrow if they say no to drugs

BECKLEY, WV (WOAY) – At this year’s Annual Friends of Coal Auto Fair, kids will get a chance to go on a free airplane ride! But first… they’ll have to learn exactly how they can get high without drugs. 

Phil Parvin, a founder of the non-profit organization, “Fly High Without Drugs”, told us, “So the kids will go around to the different booths and displays, and they’ll punch their ticket. They’ll have a chance to talk to them a little bit about drugs and information, give them material. So they’ll go through there. Get their tickets punched, and then they’re qualified to get their free plane ride.”

It’s no secret that there’s a drug problem in our community, but with the right direction… the future of West Virginia could be a bright one!

“What we want to do is help them understand that people do care about their outcome. You know, a lot of people are really depressed about how the drug issue is in West Virginia, but instead of complaining about it and not doing anything, why not do something? So this is what we came up with,” Parvin said.

With this program, kids can see that the future possibilities are endless without drugs… like even becoming a pilot! Instead of getting high on drugs, they can get high on aviation and focus on the big picture of their lives.

“Kids are going to have an opportunity to have not only the ‘do nots’. Don’t do drugs. But also, if you don’t do drugs, look at what potentially could be available to you. There are lots of opportunities in aviation,” Parvin concluded.

There will be displays from the West Virginia University aviation program to show kids the opportunities that are out there for them in our state, but that drug testing is an expectation for them.

“Fly High Without Drugs” will be at the Friends of Coal Auto Fair on Saturday, July 15th from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. weather permitting.

The organization also needs volunteers and/or donations to help cover the price of fuel.

You can go to the Fly High Without Drugs website or Facebook page for more information.

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