Xfinity experiences data security breach, personal information could be stolen

Xfinity is telling customers that somebody got ahold of personal customer information after a data security breach.

According to a notification sent out by the company, one of Xfinity’s software providers had a vulnerability in the products that Xfinity used.

The problem was fixed as soon as it was detected, but Xfinity says that someone managed to hack their database before they caught it.

Most of the information stolen involves passwords and usernames. For some customers, it also included names, contact information, last four digits of social security numbers, and dates of birth.

You should change your Xfinity password as soon as possible and enroll in multi-factor authentication to protect your accounts.

Xfinity has 5 offices throughout West Virginia, with locations in Bluefield, Huntington, Triadelphia, Martinsburg, and Morgantown.

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