WVU Tech To Host STEM Summer Camp Programs

BECKLEY,WV (WOAY) – Schools about to close soon, an one popular summer camp has just started taking applications.

WVU Tech will be hosting three separate camps, a Forensic Investigation Camp which will run from June 11-14, students will be able to learn about trace evidence examination, crime scene investigation and forensics. This program is only open for middle and highschool students. Applications are due by May 15.

The second program is “Camp STEM” available only to highschool students, they will be able to learn about science, technology and engineering. This camp will run overnight from June 17-22. Camp Stem applications are open until May 11.

The final program is STEM Academy For Girls, this program will take place from July 8-13 and students will take courses in chemistry and robotics. Students will also be able to meet first hand with women who work in the STEM field.

To get further information about each camp or to apply click here.


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