WVU mascot Troy Clemons will only sit out one more game for DUI charge

MORGANTOWN, WV (NEWS RELEASE) – Troy Clemons, West Virginia University’s Mountaineer Mascot, will not participate in events surrounding this weekend’s home football game against Iowa State.

This is the second week the Greenbrier Co. native has not participated in the wake of his arrest on Oct. 27 for speeding and misdemeanor driving under the influence. Alternate Mountaineer Trevor Kiess will assume the duties this weekend.

Clemons will return to his role as Mascot on Nov. 11. Conditions surrounding his continued service include zero-tolerance for alcohol-related incidents or arrest, and are dependent on the outcome of any student conduct and legal proceedings stemming from the arrest. He will also work with appropriate University initiatives and service related to alcohol abuse and conduct.

In a statement, Clemons said: “I want to apologize to everyone impacted by the events that transpired Oct. 27, 2017. I am deeply disheartened by my decision and regret letting down West Virginia University, my family, friends, colleagues and myself. I will not let this mistake define me and I will embrace every opportunity to right my wrongs and help others, along with myself, learn from the incident. This is not something that I intend to forget about, rather use it as a tool for betterment. I am sincerely sorry to everyone who has been impacted and appreciate the support I’ve received since last Friday morning. I look forward to continuing to be involved with the state and the university that I love.”

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