WVDEP & EPA Hold Meeting With Minden Residents

Minden.,WV (WOAY) – The DEP and EPA held an open forum event for local Minden residents so that  they can share recent sampling results along with create a solution to the on-going PCB issue.

Tensions were high as community members and EPA employees discussed what needs to happen in order to start improving the community in Minden.

One area in particular that has a high number of potential PCB contaminants is the Shaffer Equipment Site. The site consist of over 50 ppm the WVDEP plans to start soil sampling next week.

Melissa Linden OSC for EPA says, “We’re going to be doing additional sampling so that we can look and evaluate a potential of the National Priorities List.”

Though this is a major step in helping to improve Minden, residents don’t think its quite enough.

Lifelong Minden Resident Steve Hayslette adds, “We distrust them (EPA) because they were here in the 80s and 90s and early 2000s. He continued, each time they left the area they said it was clean and OK yet here we are again with the same issue.”

The EPA has plans to continue to try to find a solution for residents until a happy medium is reached.

“We’re continuing to be present were continuing to work together and I think we have a good path forward of getting additional info and continue our evaluation process to bring the town assistance,” Linden adds.

There will be another meeting tomorrow from 9 a.m.-noon at The New Beginning Apostolic Church.

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