WV Students Use DUI Simulator

Millions of people worldwide are still continuing to drink and drive, some of them injuring others or even killing them. Because of this, students all over the world are learning more about the dangers of drinking and driving, especially the students in West Virginia.

The West Virginia Alcohol Beverage Control Administration has been bringing a DUI Simulator to different high schools throughout West Virginia to teach them how crucial it is to drive impaired. Public health educator for West Virginia Alcohol Beverage Control, said, “We take this to all the high schools in the state and we go through and educate kids on the dangers of drinking and driving in a very different avenue of using a simulator instead of books and all that.” The students who use this are able to get behind the wheel of the machine and get a hands on experience of what is like to drink and drive in “real life.” After a couple of students used the machine, WOAY asked them if they now have a better understanding of how dangerous drinking and driving can be. Sophomore, Shuana Harless, said, “I think it shows them what all can happen if you do drive drunk and the consequences you’ll have to face.” Junior, Austin Gibson, said, “It teaches us young kids about drinking and driving and teaches us that we shouldn’t be doing it and it risks lives.”

 After I talked to the students, I was able to take a test drive and experience the risk of drinking and driving. 

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