WV students say they were suspended for protesting, "One nation, under God," omission

About a couple dozen Spring Valley High School students have been suspended after several said they were standing up for the school leaving out “one nation under God” from the Pledge of Allegiance.

Spring Valley Principal Tammy Forbush said the whole thing is a misunderstanding that blew up on social media. She said students were suspended for not leaving the commons area and returning to class.

But students staged a protest Wednesday morning, saying “one nation under God” was intentionally left out.

The principal says it wasn’t. While concentrating on saying that line correctly, she messed up the line and “too the republic for which it stands,” she said.

Now several students involved in the demonstration said they have been suspended for two days.

“How do you come to grips with this?” parent Misty Maynard said. “Keep them out of the worldly trouble.”

Several parents said this incident is far from over. They are planning to be at the next Wayne county school board meeting and some are even seeking legal advice.

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