WV Republican Party Chair Elgine McArdle reacts to WV Supreme Court resuming Hope Scholarship Act

Charleston, WV (WOAY) – West Virginia Republican Party Chair Elgine McArdle responded to the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals’ decision to resume the Hope Scholarship Act.

“Yesterday’s ruling was cause for celebration for West Virginia students and families,” McArdle states.
“We applaud the State Supreme Court for recognizing that the proper role of the judiciary is to fairly interpret laws enacted by the Legislature, not to legislate from the bench and substitute their own agenda.
“We also applaud the State Legislature and Governor for creating this program to ensure an alternative and creative route for the education of West Virginia children. For far too long in this state and country, teachers’ unions have had an iron grip on education policy and have put the interests of faceless, nameless union bosses ahead of struggling students and working families. We thank the Legislature and Supreme Court for putting the interests of families above the special interests that so often hinder our students’ growth.”
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