WV Public Broadcasting May Shut Down Beckley Studio

West Virginia Public Broadcasting decided to build a studio in the Beckley area back in the 80s at the request of local viewers who wanted Public TV.
Fast forward to 2017 and now the network is trying to figure how to balance it’s budget after state lawmakers took a million dollar chunk away.
It hired a consulting firm to make suggestions, one which is to shut the Beckley station down saving $100,000 a year and have the 10 or so people who work there commute to Charleston.
“They would all be transferred to Charleston or working out of their home, or working out possibly a downtown Beckley bureau if we can figure out a way to do that”, said Bob Baker a Public Broadcasting Board Member.
Local Board Member Bob Baker says if he and the rest of the board decide to move out, they hope to lease the building and one option is to possibly open something up smaller at WVU Tech or another city building.
“Possibly with WVU or possibly downtown if we can get something that’s reasonably priced that won’t eat into whatever savings we have”, said Mr. Baker.
The board will meet next month to decide what cuts to make.

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