WV is finally #1 at something! We argue the least with our spouses

(NEWS RELEASE) – Living with someone is never easy; you have to adjust to the other person’s quirks, flaws and irritating habits – though hopefully these can be tolerated more often than not, and things can remain amicable around the home. However, sometimes there are going to be issues, whether big or small, that can make one half of a couple’s blood boil, leading to something co-habitees are all too familiar with: an argument.

Sleep product review website, Mattress Clarity (mattressclarity.com), decided to find out just how amicable relationships are across the U.S. – and how many couples are regularly arguing, resulting perhaps, in one party having to sleep on the couch or in the spare room. Their interactive infographic map below shows the differences between the states, and the figures are very interesting:


On average, Mattress Clarity found that couples have 19 arguments a month! We’re assuming that these must be mainly petty, otherwise these couples would be pretty swiftly breaking up. But still, issues such as leaving wet towels on the bathroom floor, or spending too long getting ready before going out, can definitely rile! The states which have the most amicable couples, who have the fewest number of arguments per month, include Alaska, Maine, Oklahoma, South Dakota and West Virginia – they all tied at just 9 arguments a month, perhaps meaning that they’re incredibly tolerant, laid back, or are just so used to any faults that they aren’t phased by them anymore. The prize for the most argumentative state goes to Delaware – couples there have a staggering 73 arguments per month (over 2 arguments per day) – frankly, that just sounds exhausting….

Mattress Clarity also wanted to find out how many nights per month Americans are sleeping in a spare room, or on the couch. Sometimes it’s the natural outcome of an argument, though of course it can also stem from one partner who snores, one who comes in late from a night out, or those who just want to get a good night’s sleep without having to share a bed! On average, one partner in a relationship is spending five and a half nights a month either on the couch or in a spare room, not sleeping in their own bed. When comparing this across the states, Wyoming comes out the worst – one half of the relationship spends on average 17 nights a month sleeping somewhere other than their own bed! Must be some pretty loud snoring going on there. There are a few states who hardly ever have to leave the warmth and comfort of their own bed; tying at just 2 nights on average are couples from Louisiana, Maine, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, Rhode Island and Vermont – overwhelmingly most are eastern states, where maybe you have to snuggle up with someone just to keep warm at night… Couples in West Virginia spend 12 night per month sleeping separately.

When it comes to making up after those arguments, the survey found that it’s men who are more likely to try and make the peace – 52% compared to 48% of women!

When asked if they had the option to sleep in a separate room from their partner, nearly a third (30%) of Americans said they’d prefer to. Sometimes we just need the space to spread out like a starfish, or avoid the distraction of the other person who may be a night owl staying up late to read, or watch TV in bed.

Finally, Mattress Clarity asked what the main cause of disagreements are between partners are and found that the majority (57%), are caused by, you guessed it… money. Either there’s never enough, or one person is spending more than the other. Money has always been a tricky subject between couples. However, tying for second place are the subjects of children, chores and free time, scoring 14% each – everything that relates to a home and a relationship, basically!

‘We never imagined Americans squabbled so much!’ says Joe Auer from Mattress Clarity ‘Let’s hope they make up more often than not – and if they do have to sleep in the spare room, they have a decent mattress to do it on!’

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