WV Governor Makes Big Announcement at Trump Rally

Our United States President Donald trump was just here in West Virginia a little over a week ago for the National 2017 Boy Scout Jamboree, however this visit has a different purpose. 

It was a night full of promises kept, “There are millions of people out there that we love and their looking for jobs and their going to have them because I have factories coming back into this country, you’ve seen it” said, Trump. And a night full of promises made, “We want to control our borders and lift our people from welfare to work” Trump added. As well as a big announcement from West Virginia Governor Jim Justice who announced to the audience, “I will be changing my registration to republican.” 

Thousands of Trump supporters waited for the doors to open to the Big Sandy Superstore Arena. “He is everybody’s President regardless of what you want to say” said, Rocky Sheppard, a Trump supporter of Huntington, WV. While, Trump fan, Gene Huber of West Palm Beach Florida said, “He speaks the truth, his heart is love. Everything he tells us he does, I know he has to deal with the democrats and some republicans. But, all the promises that he’s done, that he’s doing, he’s doing. Look at the illegal criminals out of this country, 70 percent right, the border is getting controlled, looking at the energy he’s dealing with, look at the jobs that are coming in almost a million jobs since January.” 

However, not all Americans agree that Trump has kept his promises. “He is trying to divide us. We all need to come together and show him that we are not going to let him divide us. So, it’s time for us all to stand up and say you know what, enough is enough. You are not deporting no one, Obamacare is here to stay” said, Austin Johnson of Ohio. 

During the rally Trump added, “Congress must do its job, keep its promise, live up to its word and repeal and replace Obamacare.” 

Overall, most Trump supporters remain satisfied with the Rally as well as Governor Justices decision to switch parties. One fan in the crowd, Randy Watts of Huntington added, “Just the way this Country is round, I just think it’s better off being a Republic than a Democrat.” 

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