WV Can’t Wait awards two Hometown Heroes in Fayette County

OAK HILL, WV (WOAY) – Led by hardworking West Virginians, WV Can’t Wait is an organization that’s aiming to win a people’s government.

The group is awarding $2,000 to 40 Hometown Heroes across the state who have made a difference in their communities. They came to Oak Hill Tuesday to award two of those recipients.

“We want more than just a voice, we want a seat at the table where the real decisions are made. West Virginia can’t wait.”

The chosen recipients were the Southern Appalachian Labor School (SAL’s), and local activist Jean Evansmore.

SAL’s current location is the historic Oak Hill School where the awards were presented. They are best known for educating local workers and providing programs like low-income housing.

Evansmore, an activist with the Poor People’s Campaign works to teach people about the fight for justice in the state.

“I thought money? Money to do what just comes so naturally to me. Money to do what I believe, each and every one of us as a human being should be doing,” Evansmore says.

The political group focuses on three main criteria when selecting a Hero. The criteria include those who can change lives in their community, those who can stand up against the rich and powerful, and those who have the willingness to give the people a voice.

“We are lucky to have SALS serving and empowering West Virginians in Fayette County, says Stephen Smith, Co-Chair of WV Can’t Wait.

The Hometown Heroes were selected from a pool of over 115 nominations.

Along with a check, the heroes receive free leadership training and access to mental health and safety services.

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