Would You Take The Plunge?

FAYETTE COUNTY, WV (WOAY)— Driving down the Gorge to see the snow and beautiful scenery is something that many do, yet on Monday the scene was quite different.


To kick off the New Year, brave thrill seekers were able to increase their adrenaline by partaking in the annual Polar Plunge.


“It’s a little heart-stopping because your brain is telling you that it is an absolutely horrible idea,” said Jenna Weatherford, a participant in the Polar Plunge.


Gabriel Pena, another participant, shares what the feeling was like jumping into the frigid water.


“It’s colder outside then it is in the water. The water is definitely cold, very exhilarating. Took your breath away, but at that point the adrenaline is flowing so much, it didn’t feel as much until I went underwater then I realized how cold the water actually was,” said Pena.


The brave souls who took the plunge shared it is a one in a lifetime event.

“I saw it last year and said you know what, why not? It’s a good way to bring in the New Year, New River Gorge Style,” said Brett Garris, a participant of Polar Plunge.


Would you take the plunge?

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