Woman Arrested After Passing Out While Her Child Is In The Car

SUMMERS COUNTY, WV (WOAY)- A woman has been arrested after allegedly passing out at a Dollar General while her infant was in the car.

According to court documents, on August 12, 2019, Amy Reed was found passed out in the driver seat of a vehicle with an empty bottle of duster in the floor board. The windows of the car were down and witnesses had taken the infant out of the car. The child was found red and sweaty with a bruise on the thigh and a soiled diaper. The child was then transported to the hospital where Reed asked to follow.

An officer followed Reed to the hospital where he noticed Reed leaning her head back and huffing another bottle of duster. While turning into the hospital entrance, Reed passed out with the vehicle still in motion. The officer opened the driver side of the vehicle and put the vehicle in park. Amy Reed has been charged with child neglect. She is currently in Southern Regional Jail under a $1,000 bond.

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