WOAY Caught Up With Santa For Magical Lights on Rail Trail Event

WOAY-TV (Oak Hill, WV): The Christmas season is upon us in Oak Hill.

Early in the event, WOAY caught up with a few Christmas characters:

We caught up with Santa after all the kids paid him a visit for an exclusive interview:

“We are decorating all the benches (on the White Oak Rail Trail) for Christmas. There’s a competition going on here (for the best decorated bench). So all the benches out here are decorated each year. And our favorite new station, WOAY was out here interviewing all of us,” said Santa.

“We have candy canes. We’ve got fruit. We’ve got all kinds of treats for the young’uns. Yes, we do” said Santa.

“They say it’s a huge event up there. All kinds of kids,” said Santa.

Santa told us he will be in the Oak Hill Christmas parade on Saturday!

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