Winterplace Ski Resort

The winter weather has finally arrived for this years ski season! Winterplace Ski Resort had a good amount of snow on Sunday and several people were eager to hit the slopes. When WOAY asked the Executive Vice President of Winterplace, Tom Wagner, how this years season was going he stated, “Well, ill tell you what, if you look right behind me, you can see there’s a lot of people that are out taking advantage of the winter weather we got. Natural snow is coming down, you know this is our favorite time of the year and for the next month and through the middle of March, it’s going to be great skiing.”  We were also told that Winterplace does not only draw in locals but people from all throughout the South and a few from the North as well. Wagner stated in an interview with WOAY, “The beauty of West Virginia is we draw Skiers all over the South and draw a few from the North. But, you know, if you are coming from South Carolina, Florida, Georgia, or North Carolina, this is where you are going to find the best snow closest to your house.”

Winterplace is also not only for people who know how to ski but also beginners as well. Wagner stated, “Were also voted the number one place to learn how to ski and snowboard in the Southeast. So everybody comes here because this is where you want to learn how to do it.” Classes are offered if you are interested in skiing. The Resort also offers, snowboarding, snow-tubing and other activities as well.

WOAY had the opportunity to interview a few skiers and snowboarders who traveled to Winterplace to have a fun day in the snow and they had nothing but great things to say! Alex Beasley, a Georgia native, said, “I love it, this is my favorite time of the year.” Austin Martin, a South Carolina native, said, “Oh, same, exactly! We come here twice a year, it’s the best time of my life.” Cabdi who is a North Carolina Native said, “It’s fun!” Talon and Kelly who are also from Charlotte said, “Well, it’s my second time and I still fall a lot, but I think that’s good.” “It’s my third time, and it’s really fun.”

If you are interested in checking out Winterplace Ski Resort, they encourage you to check out their daily specials on their website at,


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