Winterplace Resort Skylift Rides Begin This Weekend

GHENT, W. Va. (WOAY)- The fall skylift rides are beginning soon at Winterplace Ski Resort.

Guests can ride the lifts up to the top of the mountain to get the best views in Southern West Virginia. The rides begin this weekend and will continue for the next three weekends in October from noon until five in the evening.

“If you’ve never been to a ski resort before, this is a great opportunity to come out when the temperatures are much more comfortable as opposed to in the Winter,” said Executive Vice President of Winterplace Ski Resort Tom Wagner. “If you’ve wondered what it’s like to ride a chairlift, you can do that. We stop the chairs so you can get on it and stop them at the top so you can get off. It’s a beautiful weekend and it’s a nice thing to do and see the view.”

Tickets are five to ten dollars and you must be 38 inches tall to ride the lifts alone.

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