Winterplace reflects on successful ski season

GHENT, WV (WOAY) – The local ski scene has recently come to an end as temperatures have already started to warm back up.

And at Winterplace Ski Resort, Executive Vice President Tom Wagner says the staff  had found the previous year was hugely different from what they were expecting. 

“COVID-19 definitely brought about a lot of different challenges,” Wagner said. “But what we saw was that everybody wanted to get to the outdoors. There was nothing better than getting out to the outdoors with your friends and family.”

They also noticed a huge influx of skiers taking advantage of their schools going remote.

“With modified school schedules, people were coming seven days a week to go skiing, so it turned out to be a pretty good season.”

And as soon as the season ends, the long process of getting ready for next year begins. As soon as the season is finished, the staff immediately gets to work preparing for the next one. 

“It’s a year-round project to keep the resort running. Everything from, inspecting your lifts, taking your chairs off, getting your snow making system ramped up again, painting buildings where they need it.”

And the staff aren’t the only ones with next season already on their minds. Skiers both in and out of state have already started to inquire about season passes. 

“Right now our season passes are on sale and we have a lot of participation there. So people are already planning for their next trip as soon as the snow starts to fly in the fall.”

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