Wildfires Seen From Space

Wildfires in California have devoured thousands of acres in Napa County and have taken the lives of at least 10 people.
The fires are so big the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration tweeted out a photo from space showing the fires.
The satellite that captured these photos is one that comes from a NOAA and NASA partnership.
The photos are made from using a camera with a nighttime sensor known as Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite.
The technology was initiated in November of 2016 in order to provide 24-hour photos from space which helps with weather forecasting and natural disaster like we are currently seeing in California.
The fires can be seen from space both day and night and the satellite is currently tracking the possible path of the fires thanks to the Santa Ana Winds.

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Jonathan Chance grew up in Birmingham, AL where he experienced many different types of weather. The storm that is remembered more than any other is the 2011 Super Outbreak. The tornadoes passed within 20 miles of his home and affected the lives of many people around him.