UPDATE: Are all those pipes on Highway 19 for the MVP project?

MT. HOPE, WV (WOAY) – What are all of those pipes for that are being stored off of Highway 19 near the North Beckley / Bradley exit?

Some reports say it’s a staging area for the Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP) that is to be built, if approved, through West Virginia.

We went out to confirm that this morning and interesting things happened. Workers on the property said they couldn’t tell us what they were for and told us to leave. Then, while we were at the gas station nearby shooting video, two security guards told us to stop and threatened to call Homeland Security.

The pipes continue to be trucked in, even though on Sept. 7, West Virginia’s Department of Environmental Protection revoked its previous approval of the 300-mile, $3.5 billion MVP.

The DEP stated that it “hereby vacates and remands the Section 401 Water Quality Certification issued on March 23, 2017.”  It didn’t provide any reason for this extraordinary action, saying only that it needed to “reevaluate the complete application.”

The MVP would transport fracked gas from West Virginia to Virginia.

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