What Residents Expect On Tonight’s State Of The Union

Raleigh CO., WV (WOAY)– Well tonight is the night Trump will be giving his first State of The Union address, Newswatch spoke with local residents on what they expect with tonight’s speech.

It’s Donald Trumps first State of The Union and he will be discussing his thoughts about his first year in office and the major goals of 2018.

Beckley resident Robert Doolittle said, “Well I want to see what Trump has to say, about the economy and immigration infrastructure I also like his tax plan and would like to see what else he’s got to go with it.”

The Trump Administration has already released some of the key points that President Trump will be covering including the economy,infrastructure and national security.

Russell Kearny a Mt.Hope resident adds that he will be watching to show support. ” I want to see and hear the good things he’s doing and stand behind him and support.”

Shady Springs resident Danny Adkins, hopes that Trump is honest about the current status of the United States.

“I want truth I think we demand that as American citizens we want to know how it’s going. Because this man majority of American people voted into office so we want to see if we agree with the way he’s seeing things so hopefully he says some things that were all in terms with because West Virginia is still struggling economically,” added Adkins.

The State of The Union will begin tonight at 9.

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