What It Takes To Prepare For Black Friday

BECKLEY, WV –  It’s the biggest sale of the year! Thousands of people save up their money for such a time as this!

Black Friday! There are a lot of stores participating and offering the best deals of the year that you probably won’t get any other time. It’s a fun time but it can also get a little hectic. This time of year there are a lot of preparations being made for people to enjoy the thanksgiving holiday and of course buy unbeatable priced gifts for the Christmas holiday.
” Well we always have a lot more people obviously so we do a lot of crowd control we set up to make sure were prepared to handle all that and then we have a lot more employees  so you know obviously a lot more training making sure they’re ready for the biggest day of the year and then a lot of big bulk stacks so like this is a good example you know things that we have to bulk out because there will be so many people and it will sale so quickly.” Said Shaun Hubbard, Kohl’s Store Manager
Shopping is all fun and games but it can also get a little risky during black Friday. There have been circumstances in past times during this time that people have gotten hurt so just a friendly reminder to be safe and enjoy shopping.
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