What It Must Be Like Being Trapped In An Abandoned Coal Mine

RALEIGH COUNTY, WV (WOAY) – It is now Day four of the search for the three missing people that remain in the abandoned coal mine. Extreme resources are being used to find and rescue them from the mine.

One former coal miner explains, “It’s Cold, wet and dark.” Said Greg Scarbro, Grandfather of Cody Beverly. Another coal miner explains that, “The coal mines dark, is darker than no other, you can’t see your hand in front of your face.” Said Henry Basham, Stepfather of Kayla Williams.

Three remain, In an abandoned coal mine for several days, not being able to find their way out! “None of them have ever been in the coal mines.” Said Basham

Coal Mines have the reputation of being a dangerous place to work in, for coal miners, what could the experience be like for someone who is not a miner and has been there for several days?
“Well I’d say it’s probably one of the scariest things they’ve ever experienced because to my knowledge, this was the first time they’d ever been in one.” Said Scarbro
“Since they’ve been there so long, no food, no water, no light, your mind starts playing tricks on you and you start hearing noises that you wouldn’t normally hear. Just absolutely terrifying!” Said Basham.

MSh&t along with the Police and Equipped Soldiers are putting all their efforts into this search.

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