What Is It Like For Locally Owned Businesses During The Holidays

OAK HILL, WV (WOAY) – There is a lot of shopping and consuming happening in preparation for the holiday season. This time of year for different franchises, is the busiest.

Is it the same for businesses that are locally owned?

During the holiday season consumers do a nice amount of shopping and eating out, some eat and shop at well known franchises, but what is business like for restaurants and stores that are locally owned?
One local business shares what it’s like for their establishment.
“Even though the holidays are here we have not seen a less amount of customers we’ve actually seen more.” Said Arielle Newsome, General Manager for Maurissa’s Place
The amount of customers that come into a locally owned business can also fluctuate during the holiday season and cause business to slow down.
“Steady pace, we have a good steady pace going here, everyday we meet new people. We still have our regulars that come and see us.” Said Newsome
Some businesses are innovative this time of year to attract more business to their establishments.
“We’re doing a small christmas party here and some of our customers are invited also, so they wont have to spend christmas alone. We just try to make everybody feel comfortable here and feel welcomed.” Said Newsome
Another thing that most businesses have during the holiday season, are special sales and deals on their merchandise and menus.
While out shopping this holiday season, remember, locally owned businesses have a lot to offer at great prices.
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