West Virginia’s Whitewater Rafting Season Kicks Off

FAYETTE COUNTY., WV (WOAY) – As the snow melts and temperatures increase there’s new opportunities to do more outdoor activities in order to stay fit and healthy.

As summer is just around the corner and kids are going to be out of school, it’s time to grab the family and enjoy the sun. One way to do so is by going whitewater rafting.

Rafting season typically is from April-October. There are several rafting locations throughout WV but one local place is Ace Adventure Resort in Fayette County. The resort has several courses for beginners to more advanced rafters.

First time rafter Nina Clancy adds, “It was really fun it’s definitely intimidating but my whole goal was to not fall out of the raft.”

Though rafting may require a lot of physical activity it’s designed so that anyone can do it.

Raft Guide Chris Colins adds, “A lot of people think that they have to be in shape and know about paddling but there’s a guide in every boat so it’s really not that hard, it’s a great activity.”

Rapids are classified by class there are six classes with one being the easiest and six being the toughest.

Florida resident Mike Neubacher says, “It starts kind of slow in order to warm up then you go from classes two to five and it was incredible.”

If rafting is not your thing Ace also offers zip lining and a water park.

For more information about rafting at Ace Adventure Resort click here.

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