West Virginia’s Morgan Zerkle Teaches Local Softball Girls


Full Count Baseball and Softball Academy in Oak Hill hosted a Morgan Zerkle Hitting Camp this weekend.


“I️ am here today trying to help them sharpen their skills a little bit, give them some drills to do, kinda explain what I️ did to get to where I️’m at now and just try to help them out some,” said Morgan Zerkle.


Morgan Zerkle is a member of the USA Women’s National Softball Team and a graduate of Marshall University.


The camp had 4 sessions for girls of all ages which consisted of hitting and slapping skills.


As a native West Virginian, Morgan shared the excitement and importance of the camp and assisting local girls when it comes to softball skills.


“When it clicks with a girl and she’s like, wow, this feels great, I just want to be able to give that to them.  When I️ was younger, we didn’t have really a lot of people with my experience teaching, so I️ just want to be able to give that to them now,” said Zerkle.


The camp helped girls that have a passion for softball improve their skills and learn first hand from Morgan the commitment and focus that is needed to excel in softball.



“Some of the things I️ learned today was to get in control with your swing and don’t be swinging out as hard as you can.  You want to stay in control with your swings.  I️ mean, hit hard but make sure you are in control,” said Carrie Taylor, a participant in the hitting camp.

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