West Virginians React To Trump Controversy

As many of you may know President Donald Trump won West Virginia’s vote by a wide margin this past election. Now that he has been in office for the past four months we found out if some of Trump supporters are regretting their vote. 

One Trump supporter, Nate Sheppard told us, “No I don’t regret my vote for Trump because I don’t believe the FBI is doing their job, I really don’t.” Another Trump supporter, Brenda Dow said, “I don’t regret my vote, I think he still deserves a chance. There has been nothing as far as evidence, I think if you are going to convict a man you need to actually have some type of solid evidence, but I still like him. I like what he has done so far, so I don’t regret it.” Those were just a few comments made by Trump supporters. 

After the news with Trumps involvement with the Russian investigation and the firing of the FBI director, James Comey, voters still seemed to not be bothered by this information. “I got no problem with that, know your enemy and keep em close right.” said Sheppard. While one Trump supporter said this when we asked about Trumps contact with Russia. “I don’t like that no, and I don’t like all is his tweetings that he does. He needs to stop that, but I do not regret, we have to give him a chance.” said Trish Carpenter.

And for the non Trump supporters, this is what William Tab of Beckley had to say about how he felt when we asked if he was happy about not voting for Trump “The reason I’m happy about it is because I think a lot of people regret voting for trump because I think he was real big in business and successful billionaire.  And that he is intelligent to know government but he doesn’t know Government.


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