West Virginians Could Win A FREE New Smile!

For some, a person’s smile is indicative of their self confidence. But if that smile is broken, doctors say, it can affect more than just a person’s confidence.  

“If you feel bad about how you look and feel that you can’t smile… that makes it harder to get a job and makes it harder to interact with the public,” said Doctor Henderson, an Oral Surgeon at Mountain State Oral and Facial Surgery. 

According to a Bloomberg study, West Virginia was ranked 48th out of 50 states, almost being last, for having the best oral health. The Mountain State Oral and Facial Surgery is now responding to this study with a new program.

Henderson added, “The second chance program is an opportunity for our practice to give back to the community, and to give one person an opportunity to completely transform their life.”  

The chosen person will be given a free surgery that doctors say will be life-changing. 

“We’re looking for somebody that we can do a total arch restoration. So somebody that is either missing teeth already or need to remove teeth. The plan would be to do that and then to replace those with implants so they have fixed dentition,” said Henderson.

Doctor Henderson says if you are someone that could qualify for this procedure, applications will be open from now until November 3rd. Residents who are interested can apply online through their website at www.mtstateoms.com/secondchance or also visit their Facebook page. 


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