West Virginia State Workers Rally At State Capitol

Charleston., WV (WOAY) –Thousands of state workers flocked to Charleston to rally against the government for their on-going battle with PEIA rates.

Unity filled the air as teachers, state workers and concerned supporters came together to rally against the states PEIA rates.

Although the weather wasn’t the best that didn’t stop several attendees as they took to the podium to address their colleagues and remind them that they will continue to support one another.

One speaker added that West Virginia teachers have the support of all West Virginian state workers.

There were several topics touched throughout the rally ranging from the re-election of state officials to the disparity state worker’s feel when it comes to their low wages and unaffordable insurance rates.

Towards the end of the rally, state-workers concluded that the next step they will make in order for the government officials to recognize their discontent it to hold a walkout.

The crowd cheer once announced that all West Virginia teachers will be holding a walkout on Thursday, February 22nd along with February 23rd.

With the walkout being announced it will be up to city officials to decide on whether they should cancel school on those days.

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