West Virginia State Museum

The West Virginia State Museum was founded in 1894. This gives the Museum plenty of items to showcase. The Museum was renovated in 2009 and Museum Director Charles Morris says now it is one of the best museums to visit.
“It has been named as Trip Advisor’s top 10% of attractions in the world, the Travel Channel has named it a Top Destination, and both the American Alliance of Museums and the Southeastern Museums have been here and say it is one of the top Museums in the country,” said Morris.
The State Museum not only displays artifacts but totally immerses the observer into different time frames.
“You start off in the Devonian Period in the Cold Swamp. There are different things happening on the Show Path showing you things whether there are animal prints or human prints or wagon tracks, there are different types of travel that you would have done at the time when you get to an area.
There are even after school and Saturday programs aimed at teaching the history of West Virginia.
“On Thursdays from 3 to 5 pm our afterschool program is open to everyone to come in and we are covering West Virginia history. We started in September going over the early settlement and we are slowly working our way each Thursday into different categories such as the Civil War,” said Chris Reed who is over Museum Education.
You can find information on all Museum activities by visiting wvculture.org and the best part of this history lesson is you can get it in less than one tank of gas.

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