West Virginia Severe Weather Awareness Week

Now that we are in the season of spring, trees are blooming and the grass is getting greener, but the weather can become severe. As we enter the warming season, the National Weather Service has made a program to spread the word on how to stay safe during severe weather. From last summer’s floods in Greenbrier County, to downed trees from severe thunderstorms in Fayette County only a few weeks ago. The people of West Virginia must be prepared to take action to stay safe when a weather scenario like these possibly happens again.

This week is West Virginia Severe Weather Awareness Week, a program proclaimed by Governor Jim Justice. The program started on March 19th and will end on the 25th. Each day focuses on a different type of severe weather. I got a chance to speak with one of the managers at the National Weather Service in Charleston. John Sikora, Senior Service Hydrologist, Meteorologist, and Hydro-Program Manager; says, “This week is Severe Weather Awareness Week, what this week does is that on each day we do a particular severe weather event. Monday was preparedness, what do you do in severe weather. Yesterday was flooding. Today was severe thunderstorms and tornados. Tomorrow will be lightening, and Friday will be heat.” The weather awareness information can be found on the National Weather Service website, other government sites, Facebook, and Twitter. Public schools in West Virginia have all the information too. There is a digital slide of weather ready graphics on weather.gov/rlx. John Sikora says, “The way you can find out the information is on our website, weather.gov/rlx or lightningsafety.gov.”

This campaign is definitely worth taking a look at, it’ll help you stay safe during future severe weather events. As we enter the warm season, we tend to be outside more often. From driving to hiking to backyard barbecues… it’s always smart to be prepared.

-Frank Notarbartolo

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