West Virginia Senate sets appearance for impeached justices

CHARLESTON, WV (AP)- The West Virginia Senate has set a date for the first appearance by the state Supreme Court justices who were impeached by the House last week.

The Senate will convene Sept. 11, and the justices or their lawyers are to appear then. A news release from the Senate said the pretrial conference phase is expected to begin then, with trial dates possibly set as well.

Newly sworn Supreme Court Justice Paul T. Farrell will be the presiding officer, and senators will serve as jurors.

The state House voted last week to impeach four justices, one of whom resigned. A fifth justice resigned before the impeachment proceedings began.

The impeachments followed questions about multimillion-dollar renovations to the justices’ offices.


That expanded into an assortment of accusations of corruption, incompetence and neglect of duty.

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