West Virginia ranked as one of the worst places to raise a family.

WalletHub ranked the 50 states on best places to raise a family. West Virginia only beat out Alabama, Mississippi, and New Mexico in this ranking. To get a total score they took five categories and added their scores together. West Virginia came in last place for the Family Fun category but one local business owner says this might be a little skewed.
“And particularly in our area being just a half an hour away from the New River Gorge which is a National Treasure and really an activity centerpiece is silly to think that we don’t have anything to offer for family fun,” said Kevin Traube, owner of Chocolate Moose Coffees.
One sub-category for family fun was “number of attractions” so your score would be dependent on what they, WalletHub, deem as an attraction.
Mr. Traube said “well if your trying to understand where West Virginia ranks as far as what we have to offer for family fun. If you don’t count hiking, and you don’t count biking, and you don’t like snow boarding, and you don’t like climbing, and you don’t like fishing, and you don’t like hunting then yes we don’t seem to have anything to offer because we offer all of those things year-round.”
But what does Mr. Traube think about West Virginia from a father’s perspective?
“So if I had a chance to go somewhere else where would that place be? There is no where else I would rather go because I love the people, I love the place, and I love what the state has to offer. I raised two kids here and both children still live in West Virginia as adults,” said Kevin.
So if you are looking for family fun maybe the place you live is something you should not focus on.
“That kind of creative thinking and that kind of investing yourself into you family can pay off wherever you live. So family fun is where and what you want to make it,” said Mr. Traube.

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