West Virginia ranked #1 state for Hispanics to live in

(NEWS RELEASE) – The socioeconomic disparities between white and Hispanic Americans are smaller in West Virginia than in any other state, according to 24/7WallStreet.com.

While on a national scale the typical white household earns over $16,000 more than the typical Hispanic household, in West Virginia white households earn $5,487 more than Hispanic households — the smallest income gap of any state.

The typical white household in the state earns $43,849 a year compared to $38,362 the typical Hispanic household does.

West Virginia also has one of the smaller gaps in education attainment between the two demographics.

Nationwide, 35.0% of white adults and 15.3% of Hispanic adults have a bachelor’s degree — a difference of 20 percentage points. In West Virginia, 20.5% of white adults and 17.1% of Hispanic adults have a bachelor’s degree, one of the smallest gaps of any state.

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