West Virginia Pumpkin Festival Taking Place In Milton This Weekend

October is a month full of events around West Virginia! This whole weekend, West Virginia’s Annual Pumpkin Festival is taking place in Milton!

Hundreds of residents, and visitors alike, are attending the fair grounds this weekend to enjoy food, crafts, and of course… everything pumpkin for the 32nd year in a row!

This weekend makes the town of Milton go up in population from about 2,000 people…to get this….50,000 people!!

This year’s theme is “Pumpkin Roads Take Me Home” and one visitor of this year’s festival told us that that’s exactly what it did for him this weekend.

“we come back every year just because we enjoy being home with our family, but also to check out and get some of like the flavors for the local businesses and stuff like that. some of the ones that we’ve enjoyed in the past, and see if there’s any new, people selling any new products or anything like that,” Kyle Thompson, a former West Virginia resident, told us.

If you haven’t attended the festival this year, you still have one more day! It’ll be open tomorrow from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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